Seeing with new eyes

Seeing with new eyes

Wandering through the fresh food markets of Paris, one is struck by the amazing display of fruit and vegetables. It is hard to refuse a taste of the foods offered along the way, not just through the encouragement of the stall vendor, but by way of the invitation of the fresh food itself, with a range and richness of colours in striking presentation, combined with the blend of produce and spice aromas.

The humble apple, and even peppercorn, certainly takes on a new dimension of appeal in these markets. Moving onto the patisseries is dangerous even for the strong-willed! Again, there is the amazing display of colours and textures of desserts and pastries, with some of the fruit from the marketplace transformed into new works of creation that is hard to resist.

Paris, and France, is truly the place of beautiful food in every sense – presentation, quality, and of course, taste!
As with food, the French are known for their sense of fashion and personal presentation, and sitting awhile in an alfresco café watching the world go by, one is struck by the wonderful array of fashion and personal presentation. In this country, variety really is the spice of life.

None of these sights are vastly different from what we all see every day: food displays and people dressed in a range of apparel. Somehow, seeing the different presentations of these things in a new country is so much more appealing.

Maybe it is seeing it with new eyes that is the difference, and brings a freshness of attitude and appreciation to the familiar. If we travel to new places with an open mind, we can see amazing sights and have amazing experiences. In reciprocation, others who visit our own country may also talk about their remarkable experiences of the everyday things we know.

It seems then, that we are already living a life that can be viewed as fresh and interesting when viewed with new eyes, but may have become dull and tedious through a tiredness that can be formed through routine and obligations. Perhaps if we can bring fresh eyes and an open mind to our daily lives we may have the joy of experiencing life with ongoing freshness and appreciation.

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  1. The French are so passionate about food aren’t they! I love the patisseries too because for the French, a baker is a professional and their products a showcase of their talents. In Paris my favourite food was quiche and in the South yellow cheeses from the mountain farms. Wonderful to be reminded, Thank you Margaret!

  2. How divine Marg! Paris remains a must do on my bucket list, tho for a gluten/dairy free foodie, it could become a real test zone in discipline 🙂
    I always enjoy the aromas, sights, and tantalising tonality of overseas travel, and most of all, sharing experiences with local people. Looking forward to seeing you soon. All the best. Bron

  3. Vicki CIccarone says

    Hi Marg,
    the food looks so lovely!! I want to be there now! Hope you are doing well


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