“Magic Marg! Thanks, I found this day far more useful and relevant to my persoanl and professional needs. Really enjoyed your interactions and free-spirited humour as well. Your transparency is refreshing!” Craig Dickson, 2010

“The course was empowering. I felt I was gaining a technique that will enable me to manage through the hard times of my life, heal the hurts and reach a level of happiness and stability that will enrich my life. Marg Lambert – an excellent teacher, trainer and an ever-caring person, who has opened my eyes to how I can use this tool to be a better person.” Lorelle Pappalardo, 2010

“The course was presented in a way which was both informative and compelling and very clear. The techniques of EFT were well paced and practised. The venue was good, comfortable and easy to access. Thankyou Marg!” Anne Holleley, 2010

“Really useful and interesting workshop, especially the practical applications of EFT – I was really surprised about the depth and level of connections I felt between what I thought was a simple exercise avoidance issue and deeper seated issues. Fantastic workshop. I would recommend it to everyone.” Belinda Cooper, 2010

“Presenter very accomplished, experienced and genuine – great teaching/sharing style. Delivery: clear, concise, good examples. Content: excellent. Venue: great.” Mary McCarthy, 2010

“Presenter was relaxed, extremely informative, humorous, patient and considerate. Overall content of both courses were most insightful and helpful. I came out from both workshops with an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation. The visuals were very professional and amusing (as was the presenter). Overall I extremely enjoyed and benefited from both workshops.” Maureen Roberts, 2009

“Marg is a very interactive presenter. I found her encouragement into being vocal and participating very helpful into getting involved. The presentation was really good to follow and I found links to other alternative thinking processes.” Kael Heysen, 2009

“I found the workshop very easy to follow. The passion Marg has for the effects of EFT are very positive and uplifting. I have used EFT on myself since the worskhop and had positive results. A great workshop with lots of information. I would like to do more.” Terry Jones

“I just wanted to say how wonderful the workshop was, what a wonderful facilitator you are, how very comfortable you made it for all of us and for the whole experience.” Level 1 participant

“I honestly think that I can take the ideas from this course out into the world and into my life. I think turning into the area of seeing the humour, something I find hard to do – one of my challenges and I am so going to enjoy it. Thanks Marg. Hey, and my back and neck still feel so much better!!” Marian Phelan.

“Well worth the journey to Darwin . I enjoyed the simplicity of the workshop and thank you for passing on your knowledge of this technique.” Level 2 participant.

“Day One session was like “Wow, this actually connects with what I was studying in reflexology.” How very easy and obtainable this process is. Never heard of EFT till now. I was very inspired with another way, like tapping, to use in every day life events. Thank you for the opportunity.” Evie Simpson

“The hands-on/practical side of this workshop was very helpful in overcoming my fear/phobia. It made me look at it in the eye and be comfortable with it. I loved the “humourous” side of things when my particular issue looked “ridiculous” as the tapping went on. Thanks. I will keep on tapping away.” Level 2 workshop participant.

“Thank you. Enjoyable, relaxing and a release. The presenter was easy to listen to, informative and inspirational with a relaxed and powerful style.” Level 1 participant.

“Excellent workshop with a professional approach and I was given strategies to work through issues.” Level 1 participant.

“Brilliant. I have put into practice the skills I used last week and found it worked well.” Level 2 participant.