The importance of attending to emotional issues-CFS/Fibromyalgia(3)

The importance of attending to emotional issues-CFS/Fibromyalgia(3)

Universally, people who experience the conditions of CFS, Fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, have sought a multitude of treatments in an attempt to alleviate their physical symptoms and to improve their quality of life. With debilitation and chronic pain there is a primary focus on the physical aspects of the condition in the hope of seeking relief. While we pay attention to treating these symptoms, other factors that may also contribute to the physical condition, can go completely unnoticed. We may be completely unaware of the non- physical components to the bodily symptoms that we experience and so we may overlook the possibilities of further healing benefits.

When we concentrate only on the physical aspects of ourselves for healing, we are missing a significant part of the story of our condition. We know that we are affected emotionally by our illness – we can be frustrated, disappointed, angry, upset, depressed – but we may fail to recognise the impact that our emotions have on our energy and pain levels.

Negative emotions are draining and so contribute to our overall condition of fatigue and pain. Even without us recognising, it may be the case that our negative emotions, which are linked to unpleasant or traumatic past experiences, have made a significant contribution to our illness.

This does not mean that the condition we experience as physical debilitation and pain is all in the head, or that it’s not a physical illness at all. It is simply the recognition and acknowledgement that we are more than the physical aspects of ourselves: we are physical and emotional beings in one body, and we cannot isolate one part of ourselves without the whole person being affected.

Our health is dependent on all aspects of our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences are carried within us, as are our muscles, tendons, blood, nerves and other body parts. Physical and emotional health are therefore intertwined: when one is affected, so is the other, and in the same vein, when one improves, so does the other.

It is just as important to spend time healing the beliefs, feelings and experiences that have caused us emotional pain, as it is to treat the physical symptoms of our bodily pain, and it is often the case that when emotional healing takes place, our physical condition improves.

If we leave out the emotional (and spiritual) aspects of ourselves and focus only on the physical components for understanding our condition and for seeking improvement, we are missing the whole person picture and denying ourselves full opportunity for healing.

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  1. Beautiful post Marg. I love the focus on healing the WHOLE body. It’s so very important, and as we know, there are many powerful ways to do this.

    Over the last 20 odd years, I’ve participated in numerous alternative healing modalities, both as a participant and practitioner.

    Having been a Yoga Nidra devotee for over 20 years now, with EFT more recently taking up residence in my tool box, I must say these two modalities remain integral to everything I do!!!

    The emphasis on the WHOLE body in Yoga Nidra has brought me a great sense of comfort.over the years, enriched by many other life changing experiences. However the deep connection that resonates for me with EFT and Yoga Nidra is what certainly paves my pathway to an abundant lifestyle.
    Loving sharing the journey with you Marg!
    Much love and light.

  2. Thanks for comments Bron. You read my mind: EFT is tagged as one of the next blog articles. People like yourself who have experienced EFT know of the great healing benefits that can be achieved. I echo your comments re the blessing of sharing the journey. Marg x

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